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     Friends of Alabonson Park

Park location: 
HOUSTON, TX  77088


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Please visit the park and see the wonderful buildings, sports fields, playground area, and picnic area.  Take a walk around the park on the hiking trail and see the wildlife who have made the park their home! 


Summer Hours (MAR to OCT)
7 am to 8 pm

Winter Hours (NOV to FEB)
7 am to 6 pm

This notification is to inform you that Precinct One has posted a Request for Applications (RFA) for organizations that are 
interested in managing Youth Sports Programs at Bane Park and Alabonson Park.  Please use the link below to go directly to the Youth Sports Programs RFA website.  

Please be advised that this notification is being emailed to organizations that have recently expressed interest and to leaguesthat currently manage programs at other Precinct One parks.  The opportunity to submit an application is available to the  public and not limited to those who received this email.

We ask that you please avoid submitting any questions until after the November 15th site visit. 

Thank you!

Mario Rabago
Parks Superintendent
Harris County Precinct One

Commissioner Rodney Ellis

346-286-1811 (O) 281-932-4820 (C)


Harris County Precinct 1 Parks Department is responsible for all activities at Alabonson Park, including sports team activities, reservations, and operation of the park.

For information regarding sports team registrations,
contact Precinct 1 Parks Department.
Precinct 1 Park Reservations Phone Number - 346-286-1805



Creation of Alabonson Park

Harris County is the recipient of a $1 million urban outdoor grant for its Alabonson Sports and Nature Center project located in northwest Houston. Proposed development for the project includes a football field, softball fields, a soccer field, pavilion with picnic tables, playground, cable run for the blind, native landscaping, a butterfly garden, irrigation, utilities and bike racks.

Alabonson Park is being made possible through a joint collaboration with former City of Houston District A Council person, Brenda Stardig, current City of Houston District A Council person, Amy Peck,  R. Jack Cagle, Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4, Rodney Ellis, Harris County Precinct 1, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and Near Northwest Management District.

  Alabonson Park

Funding has been made available through a $2 million appropriation in Harris County Precinct 4 Park Bond funds, a $1-million grant from Texas Park & Wildlife, and the land donation from the City of Houston. We have also received a gift from the State of Qatar in the amount of $1.3 million that has been designated for Alabonson Park. Groundbreaking and major construction began August 5, 2019.

Development of this 50.21-acre multi-use park is being facilitated by a Local Parks Grant from TPWD, and will include lighted soccer, softball and football fields, parking lots, maintenance facilities, picnic areas, playgrounds, paved multi-use trails and natural surface trails.

Approximately 50.21 acres are being transformed into a family-centric venue where anyone can come enjoy soccer, football or softball games as a spectator or participant.  There will be hike-and-bike trails, concessions, a butterfly garden and a small meeting room where neighborhood organizations can conduct Scout and other community meetings. In addition, planned programs specifically designed for all age groups will be offered.

Alabonson Park will offer ample parking and feature a visible law enforcement presence by Precinct 1 Sheriff's Deputies, and Precinct 1 Parks Department staff present onsite during normal operating hours.

After completion, Alabonson Park will be the cornerstone for neighboring communities from which local families will benefit.

TrailAlabonson Park sign

Upcoming events

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Volunteers are of huge value to Friends Of Alabonson Park. Our ability to support recreation and park programs and projects is tied directly to volunteer participation. For example, Friends Of Alabonson Park is made up of volunteers who graciously give of their time to support our efforts.

If you are interested in being involved with our organization, please let us know. There are various opportunities to engage with us.

Simply complete the Contact Us form
and we’ll reach out to you soon.

Thank you for your interest in the
Friends Of Alabonson Park.

volunteers are needed to make the park activities  successful!

park development plan 

Proposed park layout to be completed in 3 phases:
Phase 1 - By Contractor
Phase 1- By others ( Sub Contractors )
Phase 2 - Future development

become a Member of the
"friends of
alabonson park" 

Join our group and volunteer your time to serve on one of our park committees.  Alabonson park will provide great opportunities for residents in the adjoining areas.  We look forward to hosting senior activities, after school programs, scouting, nature walks, softball and soccer leagues, football leagues, picnics, special events, etc.  Our committees will operate and arrange scheduling for these and other activities for all ages.

Governing Board of Directors and Officers 2018 - 2022:

Dr. Jon Enloe - Board Chairman/ President
Dan Cleveland - Board Vice-Chairman/Vice-President
Eileen Egan - Board Member/Secretary
Latonya Payne - Board Member/Treasurer
Rose Egge - Board Member
Linda Gamel - Board Member
Heidi Sheesley - Board Member
Jeanell Walker - Board Member
Wayne Norden - Ex-Officio Board Member

Neil Free - Park Manager

Click on the "Join Us Now" link below to sign up. 


Pictures of park activities on this website are concept ideas, not actual pictures of the completed Alabonson Park construction.

"Become A Volunteer Today!"

Friends Of Alabonson Park
7603 Antoine Drive
Houston, TX  77088

Office:  713-895-8021

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